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Ava and Wilder perform an everlasting dance to a soundscape mimicking their every move. Leadership and trust confront each other when the lead switches and the dancers slowly become less in sync.

Graduation film made during 2013-2014. Abstracted ego document.

Tools: TVPaint, After Effects.

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screenings 2014

Beeldbuis Filmfestival, Zwolle, Netherlands on September 7th
Nederlands Film Festival, Utrecht, Netherlands on September 25th and 28th.
Dutch digital tv channel / NPO 101 on September 25th

Nominated for the Diorapthe Award 2014


Director, writer and lead animator: Liz el Saadany
Music and sound design: Alex Debicki
Additional animation: Marjon Haasnoot, Marieke van Middelkoop, Arjen van der Meer, Mirte Tas
Additional post-production: Marjon Haasnoot, Anneke van der Nat, Anna Schroots
Sound mastering: Sander Houtman

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