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New World Order - video installation

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Created as an installation for idea development in 2010. Video would be beamed on a massive ceiling, viewer would lay down on the ground and take all seperate elements in.

This is a concept for a new world order. It might look fabricated, but in this current world a big part of your life is determined once born. In this world, a newborn will immediately set out to explore, as everyone is accompanied by a bean (shaped like a brain) that gives the carrier what he needs. Religion is allowed and all of them can be practised at the designated planet, but people cannot take it outside its barrier. No fancy stuff or power in this world. Everything will stay peaceful this way, and to remind everyone how bad things were in our current world, there is a planet showing people what humanity can do to each other. And should some black apple try to ruin things for everyone, they will be banned from this world forever. Because everything is so well organized and little room for own input is left, everyone looks like a puppet controlled by higher powers.

Tools: Photoshop, After Effects.

© 2010 Razkall
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